[DWJ] Japanese titles of DWJ books

Gin kalaidiscope at gmail.com
Sun Jun 11 18:46:55 EDT 2017

Sorry! That last email came thru with one of my answers (fortunately only
one) so dont scroll down....

On 12 Jun 2017 8:42 AM, "Gin" <kalaidiscope at gmail.com> wrote:

Oooh, Fun!

I have had a bit of a go, but I will wait and let other people see the
email and have a try.

Some of them I'm stumped by, and will have to think about a bit (Magical
journey of the Wise Lady? I am sure it will be obvious to others)

And some of them could apply to a fair few books (If you live with a witch,
and Who is a Wizard for example)

Thanks for the puzzle.


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