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Gin kalaidiscope at gmail.com
Sun Jun 11 18:42:51 EDT 2017

Oooh, Fun!

I have had a bit of a go, but I will wait and let other people see the
email and have a try.

Some of them I'm stumped by, and will have to think about a bit (Magical
journey of the Wise Lady? I am sure it will be obvious to others)

And some of them could apply to a fair few books (If you live with a witch,
and Who is a Wizard for example)

Thanks for the puzzle.


On 12 Jun 2017 7:39 AM, "Catherine Butler" <cathcbutler at gmail.com> wrote:

For various reasons I just had occasion to find out the Japanese titles of
DWJ's books. While many mirrored the English titles, or were at least
fairly self-explanatory, some were sufficiently different to offer an
identification challenge. I've made literal translations of some of the
more obscure below (with a few easy ones thrown in the leaven the matter).
Which is which?

Seven magicians
If you live with a witch
Who is the wizard?
To the sacred islands
The crown beyond time
The poet’s journey

Cart and Cwidder

Employed at the magical mansion
The ninth year’s magic
The story of the cursed neck ring
Bounders - the world's most evil games
How many miles to Babylon?
The dog who came from the starry sky
There is a demon on the ground floor!
Magic thief
If you follow the silver spiral
Legend of the sea-running knight
Magical journey of the wise lady
Flower magic, white dragon

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