[DWJ] Tune of "Angel of Caprona"

Eleanor Joslin eleanor at dreamvine.org.uk
Wed Jul 12 18:16:33 EDT 2017

But the words in the book, in either language, don't fit the "Vltava"
tune.  I don't think they're supposed to.  The way I read the interview, I
think she was only saying that that's where she got the idea of a tune for
which words needed to be found.

I had a go at inventing my own "Angel of Caprona" tune once, but I can't
remember it.  It didn't sound old enough, anyway.  If the words have been
lost for hundreds of years, the tune has to be even older than that.

I think Thomas's suggestion fits really well, and I will adopt it as my
headcanon from now on.

While we're fitting tunes to words: in my head, this is roughly the tune of
the Macabray in Neil Gaiman's _The Graveyard Book_.  It probably has the
wrong number of lines, but that would be easy to fix.


On 12 July 2017 at 22:23, Kyra Jucovy <arykiy at gmail.com> wrote:

> So, actually, this list's own Judith Ridge once posted an interview she
> conducted with DWJ where this came up.  It's linked here:
> http://www.misrule.com.au/dwj92_5.html, and it seems that the tune she had
> in mind was actually the main melody of Smetana's Vltava/Moldau (which she
> gives a clue to in the book by calling Caprona's river Voltava).  I'm not
> sure why I would know more about anything related to classical music than
> DWJ, but it is by Smetana, not Jana├žek.  The other thing is that. . . well,
> Smetana didn't invent the melody of the Moldau, it came from a Renaissance
> tune that was reused by a number of other songs after the Renaissance.  And
> apart from the Moldau it was also used to form the main melody of
> "Hatikvah," the national anthem of Israel.  So ever since first reading
> that interview I've kind of thought of Caprona as secretly Israel, since
> the Israelis did in fact put words to the tune, even if they weren't the
> first to do so. . . .
> ---Kyra
> On Wed, 12 Jul 2017, 11:04 Chris Cooke, <cc at canteringserpent.com> wrote:
> > Whenever I read the book the lyrics seem to want to be sung to "Men of
> > Harlech".
> > The last line doesn't fit, but my subconscious apparently doesn't care.
> > If you don't know the tune, it's performed here:
> > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRtnWVvDX6k <
> > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRtnWVvDX6k>
> >
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