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Sally Odgers sally at sallyodgers.com
Thu Jan 26 18:05:23 EST 2017

On Wed, 25 Jan 2017 02:46:56 -0500, "Amy Harlib"  wrote:

>> aharlib at earthlink.net
>> Wow - wonder why you got rejected?
>> Hope your book finds a home!  Would love to read it.
>> Amy
Me too! Books get rejected for lots of reasons; often because the extremely limited slots are all full, or because a book, no matter how glorious, doesn't fit the current "editorial vision".
Some are even rejected for being TOO glorious; they just don't sit right in a list. Picture if you will someone who has a pretty collection of tumbled river stones. Someone offers this person (let's call her Chloe) a polished opal for her collection. She loves it but it won't fit the collection. It's another beast entirely. Picture someone with a happy tribe of mongrel scruffs. Someone offers a highly-bred pedigreed pup. Oh dear... it's not a good fit.  Or a ball dress for someone who is shopping for dungarees. I could go on...

Sally O
 By the way, I'm doing a Behind the Books project about my own lot. I'm putting up a background piece for a different book or story every day, including those that I was pleased with but which never found a home. Check it out at http://behindsallysbooks.blogspot.com.au/ if you wish.

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