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Meredith, let me know if you need a home for the old website. I'm not
even saying that we put it under the umbrella of Chrestomanci Castle;
I can host it under its own domain name just as easily.

Which would be kind of funny,  come to think of it.

Debbie, the Internet archive is a great resource. It's a nonprofit that
works  to get regular snapshots of as many webpages as it can. It goes
way back into the early days of the Internet, as well. Also, if you go
to the top level (https://archive.org/), You'll see that they have a lot
of other materials as well: public domain media, audio recordings,
software. Really useful and entertaining things.  It turns out to be a
great place to watch  mid-20th century public service announcements.


On Wed, 25 Jan 2017, Debbie Gascoyne wrote:

> Hello everyone
> Do you remember I said I had contacted Maureen Speller Kincaid about an
> interview she did for "Charmed Lives" and was asking about the old
> website?  Well, she responded with a link to something called "the Wayback
> Machine" - obviously a web archive - which still has the website!
> So for the person who was asking about the poems, and for anyone else who
> might want material from this page, here is the link:
> https://web.archive.org/web/20160423025051/http://www.leemac.freeserve.co.uk/index.htm
> Meredith: hopefully this will save you some time scrabbling around looking
> for things :)
> cheers,
> Debbie
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