[DWJ] Cold Comfort Farm was Best of 2017??

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So many responded that I thought maybe best to set up a Google spreadsheet
that everyone can view. But I've never done this before, so I hope I
haven't messed up! The link is:


I thought of a couple more books I really enjoyed that haven't been
mentioned here yet.

"Windswept" by Adam Rakunas is SF that reminded me a bit of Bujold, in that
- other than the main mystery plot - it follows a bright, underachieving
protagonist navigating a world of villainous petty bureaucrats and small
minded idiots.

"Of Sorrow and Such" by Angela Slatter. This novella is so moving, and
wise, and beautifully written. I don't know why I haven't read everything
else by her yet, maybe because it's such rich, heady stuff and nowadays I'm
often too tired to read books I know will not be any kind of fluff.

A guilty pleasure of mine are the Mercy Thompson books by Patricia Briggs.
One thing I'm liking about the series is that it is honestly developing
from book to book: issues shift, Mercy and others are scarred by events of
past books, there's a progression, which means that the books really do
need to be read in order and are not just more of the same.

Am I the only one who DISLIKED Bujold's "Gentleman Jole"? Without spoiling
too much, it felt a bit like filler material, not enough happening in the
actual plot, just enough to set up the next book, maybe. Also a really icky
feeling akin to walking in on your parents having sex. But I liked the
Penric novellas just fine.

Congratulations to the newly engaged, and to Melissa on her newest book!
Hope the dentist appointment went painlessly. My daughter also wants to be
an animator!

Deborah, was it "Smek for President" you wanted to check out, or the Hebrew
translation of "The True Meaning of Smekday"? The book was translated by
Noa Shavit, who seemed to navigate JLo's quirks intuitively. I can't
exactly describe what she did in Hebrew, but his language does stand out as
different - stiff and childish at the same time - but also makes perfect
sense in Hebrew, much as the English does.

And Jameela, of course you are welcome to share with Rene and whomever you
feel would be interested.


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> It was so *cheerful* - I kept expecting something dreadful to happen, and
> Flora to get her comeuppance. It helped that I read it immediately after my
> (first!) reading of Georgette Heyer's *The Foundling* which is also about
> well-intentioned people mostly muddling through.
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