[DWJ] Cold Comfort Farm was Best of 2017??

Otter E. Perry ottertee at silverwingleather.com
Fri Jan 20 14:00:33 EST 2017

On Jan 18, 2017, at 12:25 AM, Kathleen Jennings wrote:

> *Cold Comfort Farm* - I know, I know! Recommendations for this chased me
> around the world on my grand tour this year, until the landlady at a B&B in
> Dartmoor put it very firmly next to my plate at breakfast. I hadn't
> realised it was science fiction - well, a dash of futurism - and the
> edition she gave me was illustrated by Quentin Blake, so now it all takes
> place for me in the same world as *The Fantastic Mr Fox*.

My copy, in storage, was illustrated by Charles Saxon, whom I have
always loved.

Needing desperately to read it again and not being prepared to do all
the necessary excavation, I bought a Kindle version. The one I bought
on 6/25/16 cost $2.99. I definitely do not recommend the edition. It
was very clumsily imported to Kindle and has many distracting typos.
It has a pretty picture of a cottage on the cover. DO NOT BE DECEIVED.

It is still a supremely wonderful book!!!

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