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Yes, Farah told me to skip the first three, but I had already bought them, so I read them and enjoyed them.  I have read the Discworld series in order through the eleventh or so, when I took time out to read _Maurice + Rodents_ and could not get into it. I have several more on the shelf for when I get back into the series.  In any case, I am not sure what the complaint is about the first book--other than that it ends on a cliffhanger--and my students certainly seemed to enjoy it, except that they at first did not get the laid-on-thick satire and were looking for sympathetic characters, for which they defaulted to the luggage.  It was perhaps useful to challenge their presuppositions about what constitutes a good read.


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On 18/01/2017 15:42, Jameela Lares wrote:
> Thanks, Otter.  I imagine many listmembers will disagree, but I tended 
> to assign first books in series to cut down on spoilers.
> Which Pratchett or other text would you have taught, and why?

I am not a Pratchett expert - Elizabeth has finally got me reading discworld books, after many years of resisting it (I was put off as a
teenager) - but I regard discworld much more as a setting than a series. 
  In particular, everyone who has recommended Pratchett to me over the years has recommended not starting with CoM.

On the other hand, the Lewis series is very much more a series, and I find it odd that you have your students read Perelandra without having first absorbed some of the background from Out of the Silent Planet.


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