[DWJ] Best of 2017??

Colin Fine colin at fine.me.uk
Sun Jan 15 22:12:05 EST 2017

On 13/01/17 02:36, Tina wrote:
> Hello
> and belated good wishes for the new year to everyone!
> I was wondering if anyone made some best of list for 2016 - I remember 
> getting such good recommendations via these.
> Since I am have a long train commute this year, I'd love some tips. 
> And since I'm afraid I am a bit out of the loop, they need not be "new 
> books" (first published in 2016).
> Unfortunately I don't have a real list to offer.
> My highlight were the Flora Segunda books by Ysabeau S. Wilce - I 
> especially loved the audio version of the first book, read by Danielle 
> Ferland. (I even bought another audiobook read by her because I wanted 
> to continue listening to her, but it wasn't the same. Maybe it was 
> because to me she was just such a perfect match for Flora...)
> My favorite DWJ re-read was Deep Secret.
> My favorite weird genre mix were the first two Laundry Files books by 
> Charles Stross. Lovecraft meets Dilbert meets James Bond...
> Bettina
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Janet Edwards published two novels in 2016, in two different futures - 
/Telepath/ and /Reaper/. Since everything she'd published up to then was 
in the same future, this was a lovely surprise. I like /Telepath /very 
much, and have read it several times. I've only read /Reaper /twice.

YA SF, not Fantasy.


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