[DWJ] Best of 2017??

Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at netvision.net.il
Fri Jan 13 17:15:19 EST 2017

My favorite reads this past year - or maybe longer, I can't remember
exactly - in no particular order:

which I read back to back, and seemed to me to be having a conversation
with each other about HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE. But I know from Twitter that
neither author had read the other's book, though both authors are
definitely familiar with Diana Wynne Jones.

Philip Reeve published BLACK LIGHT EXPRESS, his sequel to RAILHEAD, which
he describes as "DUNE meets THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE". Believe it. I
particularly enjoyed the first of these two, amazing worldbuilding, but at
times too sad.

Reeve recommended SILO THE SEER by Veronica Peyton, an underrated little

I think I've recommended MARS EVACUEES and SPACE HOSTAGES by Sophia
McDougall here: I just published a Hebrew edition of the first. Fast-paced
sci-fi with wit and a kind heart.

An author to look out for is William Alexander. I've pretty much liked
everything of his I've read so far, whether it's his Goblin Secrets fantasy
books or his sci-fi, AMBASSADOR and sequel.

Did I recommend CITY OF STAIRS last year? Had some interesting points in
common with the Dalemark books. And I must have recommended SORCERER TO THE
CROWN by Zen Cho. Delightful and very DWJish.

A sweet, light middle grade book I liked was THE DRAGON WITH THE CHOCOLATE
HEART by Stephanie Burgis.

I'm sure there were more that will occur to me as soon as I hit "SEND". I
should keep lists.


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> I enjoyed the first two Noctis Magicae books by Sylvia Izzo Hunter, _The
> Midnight Queen_ and _Lady of Magick_ (do overlook the twee spelling of
> "magic"). Looking forward to the third. The Benjamin January series by
> Barbara Hambly is an enduring delight for me (some of it grim -- it's set
> in 1830s New Orleans). I also discovered Rebecca Solnit's nonfiction and am
> planning to read more of it.
> Helen Schinske
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