[DWJ] Best of 2016??

Philip Belben philip at axeside.co.uk
Fri Jan 13 14:45:41 EST 2017

> Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming marriage, Philip! How
> wonderful!
> I got engaged in 2016, too, and am getting married in June. The first time

Congratulations to you, too!  It must be catching!

> I went to my fiancé's apartment, I looked at his bookshelf (of course) and
> remarked, "Lots of fantasy, some James Herriot, various interesting
> nonfiction . . . if you traded your Robert Jordan for Diana Wynne Jones,
> this could be my shelf!" Now Robert Jordan and DWJ are neighbors on our
> shared bookshelves. :)

When merging two similar collections like that, you may have to get rid 
of a lot of books, but they will be duplicates.

Elizabeth and I, although we seem to like a lot of the same books, 
actually have two very different collections.  Fortunately her 
collection is not large: she has moved around a bit, and thinned it out 
every time she's gone to a new flat :-(

OTOH Papa has just gone into an old folks' home.  In the not to distant 
future my brother and I will have to deal with his book collection, 
which is similar in size to mine - getting on for a hundred metres of shelf.

Some of Papa's books will be easy to allocate - I claim the Pratchett, 
and William claims the DWJ, since we each have a complete set of the 
other author.  Others we are pretty sure we can dispose of.  But there 
are bound to be struggles...


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