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Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming marriage, Philip! How

I got engaged in 2016, too, and am getting married in June. The first time
I went to my fiancé's apartment, I looked at his bookshelf (of course) and
remarked, "Lots of fantasy, some James Herriot, various interesting
nonfiction . . . if you traded your Robert Jordan for Diana Wynne Jones,
this could be my shelf!" Now Robert Jordan and DWJ are neighbors on our
shared bookshelves. :)

On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 1:37 PM, Philip Belben <philip at axeside.co.uk> wrote:

> Well done, Bettina, for starting this thread.  I'm looking forward to
> seeing some recommendations.
> Your post reminded me that I haven't read all the Raksura books by
>> Martha Wells yet. :-)
> And I haven't read any of them!  Wells is an author I've been neglecting -
> must check to see which of the Ile-Rien books I still lack, and then maybe
> start on the Raksura books.
> And there are Bujold books I don't know about? Must check immediately...
> I wish I had time to check immediately.  I too wasn't aware of the Penric
> stories.
> In 2016 I got engaged.  I have had the pleasure of introducing my fiancée,
> Elizabeth, to some of my favourite authors - Jones, Heyer and Bujold are
> (not surprisingly) the three she has liked best so far. Cressida Cowell got
> in there as well, largely because How to Fight a Dragon's Fury came out
> shortly after Elizabeth and I started going out together (that was my
> favourite book of 2015); but Cornelia Funke didn't, because I have so few
> of her books in English.
> On the other hand, my list of books read for the first time in 2016 is
> distressingly short.  A few highlights, though:
> The Larklight trilogy by Philip Reeve.  I'd read Larklight, but in 2016 I
> managed to get hold of Starcross and Mothstorm.  I liked these books much
> better than the Mortal Engines books.
> The Stravaganza series by Mary Hoffman.  I'd read City of Stars, but in
> 2016 I got hold of City of Masks and City of Flowers.  There are at least
> three more books, and I don't know that the world is up to such a long
> series, but I can hope.  One thing Elizabeth and I agreed was: we want to
> stravagate to Caprona!
> And Gentleman Jole, of course.  Much a I'd like more, I think this is a
> good end to the series.  It started (not counting the prequel) with
> Cordelia and Aral exploring Sergyar.  So it is a nice symmetry to end with
> Cordelia and Oliver exploring Sergyar...
> Elizabeth has been sharing some of her favourite authors with me, too,
> with mixed success.  (I'm indifferent about Sir Terry Pratchett, but I am
> rather taking to James White.)  So maybe I shall be able to report some
> more discoveries next year.
> Anyway, we're getting married on 28 January - only two weeks now...
> Philip.
> PS SPOILER for Gentleman Jole.
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> Elizabeth remarked that it is unusual to find a love triangle where love
> runs both ways along all three sides of the triangle!
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