[DWJ] Best of 2016??

Philip Belben philip at axeside.co.uk
Fri Jan 13 13:37:42 EST 2017

Well done, Bettina, for starting this thread.  I'm looking forward to 
seeing some recommendations.

> Your post reminded me that I haven't read all the Raksura books by
> Martha Wells yet. :-)

And I haven't read any of them!  Wells is an author I've been neglecting 
- must check to see which of the Ile-Rien books I still lack, and then 
maybe start on the Raksura books.

> And there are Bujold books I don't know about? Must check immediately...

I wish I had time to check immediately.  I too wasn't aware of the 
Penric stories.

In 2016 I got engaged.  I have had the pleasure of introducing my 
fiancée, Elizabeth, to some of my favourite authors - Jones, Heyer and 
Bujold are (not surprisingly) the three she has liked best so far. 
Cressida Cowell got in there as well, largely because How to Fight a 
Dragon's Fury came out shortly after Elizabeth and I started going out 
together (that was my favourite book of 2015); but Cornelia Funke 
didn't, because I have so few of her books in English.

On the other hand, my list of books read for the first time in 2016 is 
distressingly short.  A few highlights, though:

The Larklight trilogy by Philip Reeve.  I'd read Larklight, but in 2016 
I managed to get hold of Starcross and Mothstorm.  I liked these books 
much better than the Mortal Engines books.

The Stravaganza series by Mary Hoffman.  I'd read City of Stars, but in 
2016 I got hold of City of Masks and City of Flowers.  There are at 
least three more books, and I don't know that the world is up to such a 
long series, but I can hope.  One thing Elizabeth and I agreed was: we 
want to stravagate to Caprona!

And Gentleman Jole, of course.  Much a I'd like more, I think this is a 
good end to the series.  It started (not counting the prequel) with 
Cordelia and Aral exploring Sergyar.  So it is a nice symmetry to end 
with Cordelia and Oliver exploring Sergyar...

Elizabeth has been sharing some of her favourite authors with me, too, 
with mixed success.  (I'm indifferent about Sir Terry Pratchett, but I 
am rather taking to James White.)  So maybe I shall be able to report 
some more discoveries next year.

Anyway, we're getting married on 28 January - only two weeks now...


PS SPOILER for Gentleman Jole.


Elizabeth remarked that it is unusual to find a love triangle where love 
runs both ways along all three sides of the triangle!

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