[DWJ] Best of 2017??

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Hello all! (brief return from lurking as I happened to see this at a time when I had a free minute)

Some of the best SFF things I read in 2016:

Lois Bujold's Penric novellas

T. Kingfisher (Ursula Vernon's pseudonym): The Seventh Bride and The Raven And The Reindeer

Andrea K Host's Pyramids of London, and the followup book of three short stories set in the same universe... I think it's called The Tower, The Moon (and I've just reread her Touchstone series because the fifth book just came out)

The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman

All the Raksura books by Martha Wells, and a reread of the Gate of Gods series

Traveller and Wish-Queen by Laura Wise

Zen Cho's collection Spirits Abroad

The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe by Kij Johnson

A reread of a lot of the Oz books

The Gods of New Asgard series by Tessa Gratton

Foz Meadow's An Accident of Stars

MCA Hogarth's Dreamhealers series

Le Guin's Always Coming Home got reissued!! SO good.

Kathleen Cheney's Golden City series

Cat Valente's Fairyland series

Binti, by Nnedi Okarafor

Sarah Tolmie's The Stone Boatmen

Max Gladstone's Three Parts Dead

Heather Rose Jones's Daughter of Mystery

Howl's Moving Castle

(and, ahem, lots of Mercedes Lackey, which is my stress comfort-read.)

... gosh, I read a lot of good things last year. (I want to get round to The Night Circus and Greenglass House in January.)

Goodread's Hugo Eligible lists might be useful to look at, because they have reviews from real people?



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and belated good wishes for the new year to everyone!

I was wondering if anyone made some best of list for 2016 - I remember
getting such good recommendations via these.

Since I am have a long train commute this year, I'd love some tips. And
since I'm afraid I am a bit out of the loop, they need not be "new
books" (first published in 2016).

Unfortunately I don't have a real list to offer.

My highlight were the Flora Segunda books by Ysabeau S. Wilce - I
especially loved the audio version of the first book, read by Danielle
Ferland. (I even bought another audiobook read by her because I wanted
to continue listening to her, but it wasn't the same. Maybe it was
because to me she was just such a perfect match for Flora...)

My favorite DWJ re-read was Deep Secret.

My favorite weird genre mix were the first two Laundry Files books by
Charles Stross. Lovecraft meets Dilbert meets James Bond...


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