[DWJ] Best of 2017??

Tina liril at gmx.net
Fri Jan 13 05:36:49 EST 2017


and belated good wishes for the new year to everyone!

I was wondering if anyone made some best of list for 2016 - I remember 
getting such good recommendations via these.

Since I am have a long train commute this year, I'd love some tips. And 
since I'm afraid I am a bit out of the loop, they need not be "new 
books" (first published in 2016).

Unfortunately I don't have a real list to offer.

My highlight were the Flora Segunda books by Ysabeau S. Wilce - I 
especially loved the audio version of the first book, read by Danielle 
Ferland. (I even bought another audiobook read by her because I wanted 
to continue listening to her, but it wasn't the same. Maybe it was 
because to me she was just such a perfect match for Flora...)

My favorite DWJ re-read was Deep Secret.

My favorite weird genre mix were the first two Laundry Files books by 
Charles Stross. Lovecraft meets Dilbert meets James Bond...


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