[DWJ] Black Maria

Janet Eastwood janet.eastwood at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 16 02:09:37 EST 2017

For me the most difficult books are Homeward Bounders and Dogsbody for much the same reason: the lack of hope and the ultimate severing from the family (blood or found) that the characters love most. I managed Homeward Bounders twice, years apart, because I hoped I'd missed something the first time; Dogsbody I haven't been able to make myself revisit.

Interesting how we work. Eg. Jameela not being able to read Black/Aunt Maria because of an unsafe childhood, whereas I am distressed by books where a family is separated and never rebound - fairly opposite experiences behind our responses. How much we need a rich diversity of endings, and how good it is that there are books (and authors) that recognize this.

Love this discussion!


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