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 Interesting.  The book that is hard for me to read due to the family shown is - The Lives of Christopher Chant.  No adult in his life cares for him when he is very young and vulnerable.  They are either too self-absorbed in their ugly marital games, with almost no time spent with him, or using him in possibly dangerous experiments. I feel ill when he thinks his Uncle is great and cares for him.  And that there is NOBODY who spends time with him out of love.
It's a great book, but I can almost never read it.
Black Maria is not hard for me, I think because -- at least the children have a mother who cares for them, even though she can be fooled and manipulated by the baddies.
Homeward Bounders and Hexwood are the next hardest for me - due to the ending of one, and the childhood of one of the characters in the other.
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 I have not been able to read _Black/Aunt Maria_ through even once, though I also could not read through even the first of the Series of Unfortunate Events.  Too many triggers.  My childhood was not safe, but it is some comfort to think that many childhoods must have been, given how many people can be entertained by domestic terror.


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I'm wondering whether or not to add this, but, here goes - Black Maria (Aunt Maria) is the only one of Diana's books that I am unable to endlessly re-read. On my first reading of it I found it crushingly depressing.
Anyone else?

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