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On Tue, 12 Dec 2017, Catherine Butler wrote:

> (I`ve never heard paddy wagon here - it feels very American to me.)

In the U.S., "paddy wagon"  has the dubious distinction of being one of those terms that most people don't realize is pretty racist, like "gypped".* I feel like in the U.K. it would be harder for people to not realize that it's a bigoted term.

I learned "black Maria" meant police wagon because of the the DWJ book, though, and not on my first reading, either. I learned that one much later.


* But not "jimmies." There is nothing racist in the etymology or history of calling chocolate sprinkles "jimmies."  Also, The Girl Scout cookie "Samoas"  didn't get renamed "Caramel Delites"  because the name Samoas was racist -- there are two different Girl Scout bakeries, and one of them has trademarked the name "Samoas."

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