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I'm a huge fan of both DWJ and Adams.
Neil Gaiman wrote a book about Douglas Adams and they were friends.
obdwj: in my mind I always connect that scene with the quote in the long
dark teatime of the soul to deep secret. I think it is because in both of
them there is a man following a car driven by a woman, and at the end of it
they have an argument.


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> Do you know if that is a line Douglas Adams said of himself, or does it
> belong to one of his characters?

It's from the second Dirk Gently novel, "The Long, Dark Tea-Time of the
Soul" (pages 121-122 in the 1988 Pan paperback edition). Dirk has a
somewhat peculiar method of navigation: "My own strategy is to find a car,
or the nearest equivalent, which looks as though it knows where it's going,
and follow it. I rarely end up where I was intending to go, but often I end
up somewhere that I needed to be."

I don't know of any DWJ connections, although the story does involve Norse
gods wandering around as if they were ordinary people.

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