[DWJ] Last 6 copies of DWJ zine available today

Emma Falconer emmajanefalconer at gmail.com
Tue Aug 8 08:09:49 EDT 2017

Last 6 copies of this print run of the zine- £2.75
(US$3.50/CA$4.80/€3.50/AU$4.80/28SEK at current exchange rates) + postage


40 page 1/4 sized zine on purple paper

A selection of essays about children’s author Diana Wynne Jones.

   - How I started reading DWJ
   - Complete bibliography
   - Interview with Diana
   - DWJ and the curse of the terrible cover art
   - Things reading Diana’s books has taught me
   - My favourite: Fire and Hemlock
   - My favourite: the Ogre Downstairs
   - My favourite: the Homeward Bounders
   - My favourite: Howl’s Moving Castle
   - My favourite: Witch Week
   - Witch Week as the anti-Harry Potter
   - Adult villains
   - Review of Farah Mendlesohn’s book
   - Polly’s complete reading list
   - The ending of Fire and Hemlock explained

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