[DWJ] Dwj Digest, Vol 135, Issue 6

Tina liril at gmx.net
Sun Aug 6 05:01:48 EDT 2017

Just the occasion to say I appreciate all of you, and this list, just as 
it is, just as you are.

Thank you Deborah, for more than TWENTY YEARS of this!


Am 04.08.17 um 17:18 schrieb deborah.dwj at suberic.net:
> On 4 Aug 2017, at 15:20, Emma Falconer <emmajanefalconer at gmail.com> 
> wrote:
>> I'm sorry that I have driven someone away with my posting. However 
>> I'm confused exactly how I did it.
> Emma, I want to reassure you that neither you, nor anyone else, drove 
> someone away from this list. Not every online community is for 
> everybody. We have probably all, over the years, left mailing lists, 
> Facebook groups, LiveJournal or Dreamwidth communities, or stopped 
> following Tumblr tags or ... I actually don't know the vocabulary for 
> all of the other types of online communities, but you know what I am 
> saying. As the person who sees the subscribe and unsubscribe messages 
> for this list, I can assure you that we have constant turnover; people 
> join, they leave, sometimes they come back, sometimes they don't. 
> Nobody on this list has said anything they shouldn't.
> I also want to reassure people that nobody has complained to me about 
> anything that anyone else has said on the list, or asked me for 
> stricter rules, or asked me to set guidelines. I'm pretty sure the 
> last time that happened was more than a decade ago.
> You are all great.
> This is a fine place to discuss other authors. I know I am not the 
> only one who has gotten so many recommendations for my favorite books 
> from you folks. Melissa's occasional long roundups are famous for a 
> reason.
> If we went off into a week-long digression about John Grisham, maybe 
> we would ask people to take it elsewhere, but I don't think that's 
> ever happened.
> On Fri, 4 Aug 2017, Farah Mendlesohn wrote:
>> There is another list that many of us are on, child_lit, where this 
>> more general discussion is very welcome.
> Childlit is definitely a list worth knowing about, and some of you 
> might like it there, but *feel totally free* to continue having 
> discussions about CS Lewis here.  Child_lit info is at 
> https://email.rutgers.edu/mailman/private/child_lit/ . The discussion 
> is wide-ranging, and can be quite interesting. It's also a fairly 
> high-volume mailing list--I find it impossible to keep up! --and 
> unlike this list, people do get in some high-emotion arguments!  If 
> that sounds okay to you, go ahead and check it out. Many of this 
> list's members are already there.
> But again, there was no discussion on this list that was 
> inappropriate. Nobody should feel silenced by that former list 
> member's farewell post.
> xoxoxoxo
> deborah
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