[DWJ] Farewell

Carol Carr coracleg at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 22:12:32 EDT 2017

Thanks for your reply. I just don't think I belong now, but I have very
much appreciated the information and views about Diana's books. I still
love them! Perhaps I can come back some time.
I'm now off to live in England for a while, and this time perhaps I can
check out her part of the country - Bristol needs a good visit! Blessings
to all!



On Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 12:48 PM, <deborah.dwj at suberic.net> wrote:

> Hey, all,
> While our topics of conversation have drifted less DWJ-centric since
> Diana's death (which is both sad and understandable), all of these
> diverging conversation threads are totally welcome on this list.  Our
> policy has always been, roughly, "be good each other," and less-obviously,
> "stay away from specifically partisan politics, because it makes your mod
> sad when people she loves fight with each other."  I've also not needed to
> get more precise about these rules since you folks are just *good* at this;
> while I'd be happy to make a code of conduct, this list has been around for
> twenty years, and I can count the number of times I've needed to ask people
> to check themselves on the knuckles of one finger.
> (Seriously, TWENTY YEARS.  More, I think, actually; I've lost the first
> few years of archives but we have a list digest numbered #66 from 1999. And
> if I remember right, I started the DWJ website in an apartment I moved out
> of in 1996; the list would have been soon after.  We should have a party.)
> Topics which have been welcome here for all that time:
> * Diana Wynne Jones
> * Fantasy and Science Fiction
> * Religion
> * Food
> * Children's and YA lit
> * Litcrit
> * Fandom * Food
> * People's personal lives and relationships, which, yes, includes
> discussions of people's sexuality
> * Food
> * Movies and TV
> * Food!
> Love,
> The Mgt.
> (Seriously, I love you guys)
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