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Glad to get this update.  I would very much like to write to her too.

Warmest Wishes,

Amy Harlib in NYC – life long lover of all things SF & F.


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thanks for the update on Dorian. What's her surname please? It's not Gray
is it?

cheers, Meredith

On 3 August 2017 at 08:34, Hallie O'Donovan <hallieod at gmail.com> wrote:

> All of you on Facebook will probably know the update information about
> Dorian, but not the request, so I'll put that first.
> Her birthday is 12th August, and unfortunately Patrick, her parents and
> her brother will all be away then. (Good thing I never get away these days,
> I guess!) I thought it might be nice if she got mail, at least, which would
> be unexpected and something to lift the boredom of a low-visitor stretch.
> So if anyone felt like it, a card, postcard, voluminous letter... she can
> read it and I'm sure would appreciate it.
> The address is:
> St Doolagh's Park Care and Rehabilitation Centre
> Malahide Rd
> Balgriffin
> Dublin 17
> D17 YE97
> Ireland
> If there hasn't been anything from Patrick on FB about his being away, it
> might be nice if someone spread the request on other groups like The Ladies
> Loos or Girlsown?  That's just vague memory of other online communities she
> was active in, so feel free to suggest others, or whatever.
> Now for the update. The observant will have noticed that her address is
> not a hospital, but a rehab centre - nursing home - call it what you will.
> She had her stint in the National Rehabilitation Hospital, and this is
> where she'll stay until she and Patrick can get a new, suitably adapted
> house, as theirs can't be adapted. There's much less therapy than in the
> rehab hospital, so there was some concern that she'd make less progress in
> St Doolagh's, but happily that's not been the case.
> She is deaf (this was discovered towards the end of her stay in the
> primary care hospital where she spent the first year and a half, but no
> idea whether it was an immediate effect of the accident or not), so we and
> the staff write on a whiteboard to communicate with her. It does limit her
> interaction with other residents, though she might be fine with that
> anyway! Enforced togetherness is so not Dorian's thing. She's talking much
> more now, and it can be hard to understand now she's moved beyond one word
> answers to questions, 'no idea', and 'get me out of here!'. Luckily she
> usually finds it funny when we don't understand, rather than getting
> frustrated. And it's just wonderful when she's able to laugh at you - or
> herself. Her mother and I took her on a shopping trip (unsuccessful), got
> stuck for a wheelchair accessible taxi, and ended up walking back to
> theirs. Patrick told her not to worry, that he'd brought out the posh milk
> pitcher because I was there, and she raised her eyebrow and asked if they
> had one. Getting a smirk or laugh out of her is just the best.
> She still has some trouble turning pages on a book, and ereaders don't
> work yet, but we really hope they'll be able to get her set up with some
> kind of special keyboard that will give her the ability to read properly on
> her own. Even her short term memory is improved, though still not as good
> as long term.
> Now the criminal case against the driver is finally settled, the claims
> can proceed, and Patrick has been told it will probably take about a year
> for that to happen. Then she can move home, please God and doing all the
> witchy dances for luck. Patrick and her parents are fantastic, truly.
> Patrick even gave up smoking for Dorian's sake: no greater love! (I am
> supporting him in this after carefully checking whether he wanted that or
> would feel I was being a 'managing female'. Dorian would have got the
> reference,  but Patrick thought it was funny after it was explained.)
> Dorian is very much Dorian still, to the profound relief of those who love
> her.
> Hallie
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