[DWJ] Farewell

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Thu Aug 3 20:48:12 EDT 2017

Hey, all,

While our topics of conversation have drifted less DWJ-centric since Diana's death (which is both sad and understandable), all of these diverging conversation threads are totally welcome on this list.  Our policy has always been, roughly, "be good each other," and less-obviously, "stay away from specifically partisan politics, because it makes your mod sad when people she loves fight with each other."  I've also not needed to get more precise about these rules since you folks are just *good* at this; while I'd be happy to make a code of conduct, this list has been around for twenty years, and I can count the number of times I've needed to ask people to check themselves on the knuckles of one finger.

(Seriously, TWENTY YEARS.  More, I think, actually; I've lost the first few years of archives but we have a list digest numbered #66 from 1999. And if I remember right, I started the DWJ website in an apartment I moved out of in 1996; the list would have been soon after.  We should have a party.)

Topics which have been welcome here for all that time:

* Diana Wynne Jones
* Fantasy and Science Fiction
* Religion
* Food
* Children's and YA lit
* Litcrit
* Fandom 
* Food
* People's personal lives and relationships, which, yes, includes discussions of people's sexuality
* Food
* Movies and TV
* Food!


The Mgt.

(Seriously, I love you guys)

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