[DWJ] Dorian: progress report and request

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 03:34:07 EDT 2017

All of you on Facebook will probably know the update information about Dorian, but not the request, so I'll put that first.

Her birthday is 12th August, and unfortunately Patrick, her parents and her brother will all be away then. (Good thing I never get away these days, I guess!) I thought it might be nice if she got mail, at least, which would be unexpected and something to lift the boredom of a low-visitor stretch. So if anyone felt like it, a card, postcard, voluminous letter... she can read it and I'm sure would appreciate it.

The address is:
St Doolagh's Park Care and Rehabilitation Centre
Malahide Rd
Dublin 17
D17 YE97

If there hasn't been anything from Patrick on FB about his being away, it might be nice if someone spread the request on other groups like The Ladies Loos or Girlsown?  That's just vague memory of other online communities she was active in, so feel free to suggest others, or whatever.

Now for the update. The observant will have noticed that her address is not a hospital, but a rehab centre - nursing home - call it what you will. She had her stint in the National Rehabilitation Hospital, and this is where she'll stay until she and Patrick can get a new, suitably adapted house, as theirs can't be adapted. There's much less therapy than in the rehab hospital, so there was some concern that she'd make less progress in St Doolagh's, but happily that's not been the case.

She is deaf (this was discovered towards the end of her stay in the primary care hospital where she spent the first year and a half, but no idea whether it was an immediate effect of the accident or not), so we and the staff write on a whiteboard to communicate with her. It does limit her interaction with other residents, though she might be fine with that anyway! Enforced togetherness is so not Dorian's thing. She's talking much more now, and it can be hard to understand now she's moved beyond one word answers to questions, 'no idea', and 'get me out of here!'. Luckily she usually finds it funny when we don't understand, rather than getting frustrated. And it's just wonderful when she's able to laugh at you - or herself. Her mother and I took her on a shopping trip (unsuccessful), got stuck for a wheelchair accessible taxi, and ended up walking back to theirs. Patrick told her not to worry, that he'd brought out the posh milk pitcher because I was there, and she raised her eyebrow and asked if they had one. Getting a smirk or laugh out of her is just the best.  

She still has some trouble turning pages on a book, and ereaders don't work yet, but we really hope they'll be able to get her set up with some kind of special keyboard that will give her the ability to read properly on her own. Even her short term memory is improved, though still not as good as long term. 

Now the criminal case against the driver is finally settled, the claims can proceed, and Patrick has been told it will probably take about a year for that to happen. Then she can move home, please God and doing all the witchy dances for luck. Patrick and her parents are fantastic, truly. Patrick even gave up smoking for Dorian's sake: no greater love! (I am supporting him in this after carefully checking whether he wanted that or would feel I was being a 'managing female'. Dorian would have got the reference,  but Patrick thought it was funny after it was explained.) Dorian is very much Dorian still, to the profound relief of those who love her.


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