[DWJ] DWJ zine + Fire & Hemlock prints

Emma Falconer emmajanefalconer at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 18:52:43 EDT 2017

Some of you might remember a few years ago I did a zine with various
articles about Diana's work and an interview with her. It's been out of
print for a while, but I've now done a new edition that's easier to
reproduce. It costs £3.50 / around $4.50 or €4.50 + postage. (I'm in the
UK. The shop should default to your local currency with the current
exchange rate).

I'm hoping to get two more issues finished soon, focusing on CS
Lewis/Philip Pullman in one, and Oliver Postgate in the other.

Available here:

These are the contents:

How I started reading DWJ
Complete bibliography
Interview with Diana
DWJ and the curse of the terrible cover art
Things reading Diana’s books has taught me
My favourite: Fire and Hemlock
My favourite: the Ogre Downstairs
My favourite: the Homeward Bounders
My favourite: Howl’s Moving Castle
My favourite: Witch Week
Witch Week as the anti-Harry Potter
Adult villains
Review of Farah Mendlesohn’s book
Polly’s complete reading list
The ending of Fire and Hemlock explained

​I've also got prints of an illustration inspired by Fire and Hemlock (and
a bundle with both the zine and the print). They're £12 (around US$15/€15)
alone or £15 (~US$19/€19) with the zine.​

​Available here:


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