[DWJ] "Howl's Moving Castle" "IS COOL"

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Well, it's a paperback with that cellophane-like cover that libraries use to protect books, and there's a spine label saying "WYN" in neatly handwritten ink. There's no paper in the front for datestamps and no magnetic thingy in the back. I take this to mean that it started life in a very small library, possibly that of a junior school.
The other lovely thing is that the word "Doodles" is written in pencil on the blank pages at the end. Perhaps this was in response to a teacher's complaint about the children drawing doodles in the books?
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Good to see the word is being passed on.

On another paw, why did this person get rid of his copy? I suppose there are
good reasons for getting rid of cool books, but ....

On Oct 28, 2016, at 8:56 AM, thomas wrote:

> I bought a second-hand copy of HMC this morning, and this was the title page:
> http://tjathurman.tumblr.com/post/152425289651/reasons-writing-ya-is-worthwhile-this-second-hand
> T

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