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Dear Sally,

I love your writing!  Delighted to add this one to collection of your work!


Amy in NYC - life long lover of all things SF &F

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Yes. this is OT and I won't make a habit of it. but The Peacock's Pearl, the
first book in my Cat Mahal is Magic series, is available at a 30% discount
for a couple of days. I THINK it should appeal to DWJ readers; at least, I
hope so.

ODWJM. Unlike Sophie, who discovers who and what she is at 17, Catharina
Mahal has known for years. but at 16 her 5Xgreat grandmother Elizabeth has
dragged her into a complicated quest. Poor Cat. suburban teen AND ethical

In honour of Halloween/All Hallows Eve... The Peacock's Pearl is available
at a 10% discount until November 1st.
baOk_0u1j0p1o&s=1> http://tinyurl.com/save10cat

For an additional 20% off... (until October 31st) put in the code
SAVVYREADER upon check out

Sally Odgers

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