[DWJ] DWJ Quotes?

Philip Belben philip at axeside.co.uk
Tue Nov 22 05:44:34 EST 2016

>> "Flick, flick, flick"
> "Tala tala tala"

Love the juxtaposition!

My favourite is from Power of Three, too: "A curse obeys the same laws 
as everything else.  It contains the seeds of its own decay."

You could try some lines from the Adon: "Truth is the fire which fetches 
thunder" (I haven't looked that up, but that line comes in Drowned Ammet 
and the whole poem in that early novella of which I can't remember the 
title) and so on.  In fact, the Dalemark books are full of poetic 
fragments, which can generate a lot of one-liners.

Incidentally, what became of the quotes we all sent in for the random 
quote engine on Deborah's site?  Does that still exist?


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