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Ok, so here's another one.  Again too long, but really, the STORY OF MY LIFE!  (it's from year of the Griffin):

Quite a few of the girl students were in love with him (Corkoran).  But then they were only _taught_ by him, Finn thought gloomily.  They didn't have to wrestle with his ideas of how to run a university.

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Ooh, this is way more fun than working!

I'm not at home and thus can't go grab all my copies to look for my favorite quotes, but here are a couple I dug up on Amazon's "look inside" feature:

From Archer's Goon:

All power corrupts, but we need electricity

When an irresistible force meets an immovable object, the result is a family fight.  

One black eye deserves another

It pays to increase your word power

(Those are all from the Author's note).

Here's one that's too long, but I like it anyway, from a Tale of Time City:

Vivian stared.  Never had she seen a boy with such long hair!  In fact, she had a vague notion that boys were born with their hair short back and sides and that only girls had hair that grew long.

And I would love to quote something from the end of Homeward Bounders, but my amazon preview is only the first few pages.  There are a couple of lines at the end that always make my heart ache.

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Okay, you have tempted me out of lurking. This is one of my favourite lines from Deep Secret: ‘I never did like men who wear cravats. What’s wrong with an honest tie?’

But perhaps you have to be there.


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>> About 50% of these are HMC, but if you want a ready resource of DWJ 

>> quotes, Goodreads has scads:


>> https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.goodreads.co

>> m_author_quotes_4260.Diana-5FWynne-5FJones&d=DgIGaQ&c=Oo8bPJf7k7r_cPT

>> z1JF7vEiFxvFRfQtp-j14fFwh71U&r=ChQZV9av_IvNDkzIpngwUsKJilpddbhq0EMuEX

>> qohmY&m=pnzX2k9GmkxDK9dACzfX57BAPQYc_5G6NSEkusNpWpM&s=i1CK9jK88bz7e0W

>> XmvNo99lXjD6e5NpqBDHEF5texgI&e=


>> A


>> On 22 November 2016 at 12:47, Kyra Jucovy <arykiy at gmail.com> wrote:


>>> I suspect it's probably too long, but the one I got a friend to do 

>>> me calligraphy of a few years back is 'Two sides to Nowhere, Polly thought.

>>> One really was a dead end.  The other was the void that lay before 

>>> you

>> when

>>> you were making up something new out of ideas no one else had quite 

>>> had before' from F&H.


>>> ---Kyra


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>>> wrote:


>>>> Hi all,

>>>> I've been taking a letterpress class for fun, and for my final 

>>>> project

>>> I'm

>>>> going to make a poster with a bunch of DWJ quotes on it  (maybe 6?).

>> Of

>>>> course even though I'm always being reminded of DWJ, now that I 

>>>> have to think of a bunch of quotes I'm drawing a blank.  Lists 

>>>> online seem to

>> be

>>>> rather Howl-heavy.  So if anybody has any favorite, SHORT quotes 

>>>> (like

>>> one

>>>> sentence, since I am still not great at letterpress and have 

>>>> limited

>>> time),

>>>> maybe it'd be fun to share them!  I'll make sure to show you all a

>> photo

>>> of

>>>> the finished poster.

>>>> Thanks and best,

>>>> Katie Meyers

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