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Thu Nov 10 12:42:58 EST 2016

On Wed, 9 Nov 2016, Hallie O'Donovan wrote:

> I'm guessing a lot of people will be feeling in serious need of some
> cheering news today

You were 100% right. I can't thank you enough for this.

> She's made huge progress, surprising the
> consultant and therapists, but not her family and friends, by recovering
> the ability to read before she could speak or understand spoken language.
> This changed so much, obviously, although she's still not quite at the
> stage where she can read longer books, nor can she turn the pages of a book
> or e-reader independently. Still, it let us communicate with her, which was
> brilliant.

I'm crying reading all this good news, but this point in particular is so unsurprising and so Dorian!

> He told
> me about it in a casual 'She can read, you know' tossed-off comment, to
> which I responded with anything but calm!

I am so !!! about these stories.

> Naturally she assumed it was shaking her
> head, but when I explained, came right over and Dorian did it on request
> again. Pretty soon there were 7 or 8 nurses gathered to hear her speak,
> some in tears. (The miracle was that Dorian didn't object to demonstrating
> for everyone repeatedly, and yes, I did thank her every time!)

Seriously, crying so hard right now.

> I scrawled asking her if she could say 'I love you' for him, and
> she did. He'd phoned to tell me he was going away for the weekend, and said
> after that he was walking through college with tears pouring down his face.
> Not bad for the first time talking in well over a year!

<3 <3 <3 <3

Does she have enough long term memory that she would appreciate written notes from any of us, now that she can read? Because I would love to send her something, at whatever cognitive level you tell us she's prepared for.


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