[DWJ] A recommendation

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My daughter is eight too,loved Harry Potter when she read it last year, and is currently addicted to Jacqueline Wilson.  I got her to read Charmed Life last year and she enjoyed it (it's my go-to introduction-to-DWJ recommendation), and she read Puss in Boots and Earwig and the Witch when she was younger.  She's not shown any interest in reading any more.  In fact, she's not shown any interest in reading my large collection of books that I moved across the world in the hope she'd be interested in them.  She says they look too old-fashioned!!  I have resorted to bribing her.  She gets 50p every time she reads one of my books.  Months after I made the offer she has finally started some!  Not DWJ, alas, but it's still good.  It's the Drina series, by Jean Estoril.  And she's just picked up Charlotte's Web for the next book.


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I've just had the very great pleasure of recommending DWJ to a friend, for her 8-year-old daughter who loves Harry Potter and Jacqueline Wilson 

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