[DWJ] A recommendation

Eleanor Joslin eleanor at dreamvine.org.uk
Wed Oct 28 17:16:07 EDT 2015

I've just had the very great pleasure of recommending DWJ to a friend, 
for her 8-year-old daughter who loves Harry Potter and Jacqueline Wilson 
and (I think her mother was saying) this book: 

I wrote down a list of titles to start her off.  For the record, here's 
what I picked:

Charmed Life (and the rest of the series)
The Ogre Downstairs
Archer's Goon
Wild Robert
Earwig and the Witch

There are of course many more I could have written down, but the paper 
was getting full.

It's half term, so they are probably going to seek out some of these 
tomorrow.  I do hope my (probably too enthusiastic) recommendation 
doesn't misfire!


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