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Tue Oct 6 12:58:26 EDT 2015

Thank you *so* much for this progress report, Hallie! I admit that when I saw the subject line I did that emotional clenching one does in anticipation of terrible news; in that light the content was even more welcome.

> Patrick says he'll be the
> happiest husband in Ireland when his wife tells him to F**K off in words,
> rather than just disgusted expression.

Crossing my fingers for this wonderful moment.

> I was quite excited the week before last when she dabbed her fingers into
> the lotion I had in my hand and spread some on her other hand.

These moments you're describing, of intentionally choosing to improve her physical environment, are so good to hear. Swatting away something negative is great, but actively choosing to add something positive is just ... well, it's wonderful.

> (To Say Nothing of the
> Dog. Ned had said how perfectly quiet and relaxing the Victorian era would
> be for his recuperation, with its sweet, submissive women. I snorted. She
> looked at me intently.)

Ha! Brilliant.

So happy. :)


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