[DWJ] Tacroy

Janet Eastwood janet.eastwood at hotmail.com
Thu May 14 02:34:28 EDT 2015

I know someone posted a photo of Solomon Islanders who matched Tacroy's physical description about this a year or so ago, but this just came up (http://www.rejectedprincesses.com/princesses/riina - there's some swearing, more than usual for this site) and it's pretty awesome, both for the legend and for the reminder of DWJ. Many of her villains (including the Dwight) drained the life of the people around them, a little like the cannibals cripple and drain the blood from their captives' legs in the story of Riina. 
Also, the boomerang mention brings Sokka to mind, if any of you watched Avatar: The Last Airbender. 


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