[DWJ] Original Cover Art - A Tale of Time City

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Laura, I have been wondering - did you win the cover art?

I had my own cover art win when I was at the worldcon in London in August
last year.  I was browsing the art show and was very excited to recognise
the original cover of Puss in Boots!  I snapped it up, and had a lovely chat
to the artist, Fangorn.  Minnow told me he got on well with DWJ and once
decorated a neck cast she was wearing at a convention.

It's currently unframed.  Must get onto that!

Here's a link to a photo of me with the book and the original art standing
in front of my DWJ collection which is now too large to fit in one



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Thank you SO MUCH for telling us about this eBay auction. It happens that I
am currently re-reading that book, and my mother recently gave me some money
"to buy [my]self something," so I have put in a bid. Wish me luck. This
should go to a DWJ fan.

By the way, I heard Neil Gaimon on the radio recently, and as he often does,
he mentioned DWJ as one of his favorite authors.

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