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Emma Comerford comerford.emma at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 04:09:25 EDT 2015

Hello again

Thanks to everyone who has sent money for the audiobooks. We have two audio CD sets on their way to Dublin at the moment (Magicians of Caprona and Conrad’s Fate…chosen mostly due to availability!) and we’re hoping to organise the Audible books soon. We currently have around $50 to spend so there’s probably no need for any more donations at this point until we have sorted out the next lot of purchases!

Here’s hoping that if Dorian wakes she will recognise familiar words and be comforted.



> On 15 Mar 2015, at 8:44 am, Emma Comerford <comerford.emma at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all
> Thanks to those who have been in touch or sent money for Dorian’s audio books. Availability is far more limited than I had anticipated! But I think a two prong strategy is best, starting with old fashioned tech in the form of an audio CD or two from Amazon UK (probably Magicians of Caprona, or Conrad’s Fate, or both) so that something can get there relatively soon. Also, we know Dorian has a working CD player in her room! 
> In the meantime the lovely Hallie who is based in Dublin and knows Dorian IRL is speaking to Dorian’s husband about her MP3 player and what type of files it can play. We’ll then either buy some books from Audible UK (ATM these title are available: Deep Secret, The Islands of Chaldea, Year of the Griffin, Earwig and the Witch and Freaky Families - which is the two stories: The Four Grannies and Auntie Bea's Day Out) or get some out from the local library systems (similar titles + Howl and Dark Lord), again courtesy of Hallie.
> If anyone wants to contribute please send money to my paypal comerford.emma at gmail.com <mailto:comerford.emma at gmail.com> . If you don’t have access to paypal please don’t worry - we’ll get some books to Dorian anyway! I just wanted to extend the opportunity to fellow list members who feel frustrated over not being able to DO anything for Dorian!
> Cheers
> Emma

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