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Ehsan, did you get Dark Lord a while ago or recently? I checked on Audible
(I have a UK account too) and the only full-length books they have are Deep
Secret, Year of the Griffin, and Islands of Chaldea.


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> Charmed Life read by Tony Robinson is quite good.
> Kylie
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> Great to have some good news at last!
> Some people from another book group are organising Chalet School book
> recordings for Dorian. I asked Patrick if some Diana Wynne Jones audio
> books could be played to her and he said yes. Despite being in a coma
> Patrick says there have been some recent signs she can understand what
> people are saying, so it might be nice for her to have something familiar
> to listen to just in case.
> I am happy to arrange for the audiobooks. If anyone wants to chip in they
> can send me money at paypal - I believe you can do so using my email
> address (though if someone has a better suggestion I’m open to it as this
> doesn’t feel very transparent!). Books don’t look to be very expensive -
> they are around $9 on audible - so we wouldn’t need much money to get a
> couple!
> Also does anyone have any good or bad experiences with any particular DWJ
> audiobooks?
> Cheers
> Emma
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