[DWJ] Call for Illustration Suggestions

Sally Odgers sally at sallyodgers.com
Sun Jul 26 20:57:51 EDT 2015

Hi, Richie;
Not a Spellcoats expert, but hey... there are authors out there wanting 
fantasy illustrations. If you're willing to take on commissions, you 
can hang your shingle at Affordable Manuscript Assessments and/or 
Prints Charming Books. 

Sally OdgersHi everybody!

       Any Spellcoats fans out there? I definitely am. During my most 
recent re-read, I decided to work on illustrating parts of it as 1) an 
attempt to publicly demonstrate my love for the book and 2) a digital 
drawing exercise. However, now that I've exhausted all of my own ideas, 
I still find myself wanting to draw more of Tanaqui, Hern, Duck, Robin, 
and so many more! 
But like I said, I'm fresh out of ideas. So I figured this list might 
have some suggestions for what I should draw next. Since I need the 
practice, I'll consider anything--characters, scenes, scenery--as long 
as it's from The Spellcoats. I'm posting everything to my tumblr, too, 
so feel free to stop by and get a feel for what I've done before. The 
art can be found here: Made in Derkholm

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Thanks, and I hope you're all having a great summer!
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