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> That's lovely!
> Minnow - do you remember what she used to recommend to people?
> Kylie

It varied according to what people had already enjoyed or said they

Mostly it was old favourites that she was confident about:
Kipling's things for children, E. Nesbit, Susan Cooper's Dark Is Rising
sequence (though she disliked the end of the last book because she
thought it cheating, particularly when they'd said that they wanted to
remember), The Midnight Folk and The Bocx of Delights, the first three
Earthsea books, Pat Wrede's books especially The Seven Towers, I could
go on and on there but I am sure mostly they have already been read by
everyone here.  A lot were not SF or children's books, but whatever she
liked herself: Heyer, Sayers, Ellis Peters, and so on. (She was never
offended if a recommendation was turned down, the way I did the O'Brien

The ones I was thinking of as I read the list were whatever she had
just been reading herself if she had enjoyed it, anything she liked
enough to keep rather than charity-shop donating.  I didn't make a
list! I just borrowed them from her immediately if I hadn't already got
them.  She'd say thoughtfully, "This is really quite good; I think you
might enjoy it," and let me have it when she had finished it.

I could go upstairs and have a look to see which of the fantasy books
have her initials in the front: her sons didn't want most of them (or
already had them, in many cases) and they had to be cleared out of the
very bookful basement so there would be room for one of the sons to
move in after she died.  I know that almost all the hardback
non-Valdimar Mercedes Lackey came from her, for instance. It was
fortunate that I had many of her books already, because there were many
hundreds and if I had wanted them all, I would have needed to line two
of the bedrooms here with bookshelves floor to ceiling and turn
them into bookrooms instead of only one.


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