[DWJ] Book recommendations

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Mon Jul 20 05:46:59 EDT 2015

Gin wrote:
> I got home last week to my husband asking me, " What was the name of
> that book that I downloaded to the kindle? And where did I get it?"
> Because he had found a book on the kindle that he didn't recognise,
> and started reading it, and it was Really Good, and was it the one
> that I downloaded? Because it was Really Good, and what was this DWJ
> list anyway? And what else had they said to read......
> Thanks for letting me have a copy of your book. I haven't started
> reading it yet, but my husband is at least one new fan...

I have been thinking, this past couple of weeks, how happy Diana would
have been that a discussion group with her name on it was full of
people recommending books to each other.  It was a thing she used to
do, all her life, and the idea that she has sort-of continued after her
death is wonderful.



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