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Sally Odgers sally at sallyodgers.com
Mon Jul 6 00:58:11 EDT 2015

Hi, Gin;
attached you'll see Parts 1 and 2 of Garlands of Thorn and May. The 
third part is begun, but not yet finished.  As to a few to start with, 
that depends on your taste. My latest "older" book is Heather & Heath, 
available in pb or ebook. That one was published by Satalyte Publishing 
and is for adults. Harper Collins Aus published Trinity Street, 
Shadowdancers, Amy Amaryllis, Aurora, Translations in Celadon and 
Candle Iron. a good while ago.  These are all sf or fantasy for teens. 
Some are available on iTunes, I think and there;s the odd paperback 
still in circulation. Under the Waterfall is available as an ebook from 
Devine Destinies. That's one for teens. I also wrote the bracket novels 
for Charms and Keepsakes, two novel anthologies from Prints Charming 
Books. Then there's Clovie Trefoil, Book one in the Fairies of Farholt 
series, which is for younger readers..., a couple of dozen in the Jack 
Russell, Pet Vet and Pup Patrol series (for primary school readers) and 
six in the Little Horrors series (pen name Tiffany Mandrake) for 
younger readers. As I said, it ratehr depends on your level and genre. 
Two of my favourites are Replay and Pride: Bridgeover Sundown, which 
are available in PB from Lulu Publishing, or in PDF from me. Replay is 
"a love song, a mystery; a waltz through history" and Pride is a 
surreal fantasy. 
 You can fins some info about some of my books 
at http://sallyodgers.weebly.com/
Thanks for the compliments passed on from the other folks... I love 
writing, though I spend more of my time editing for other people these 
Sally Odgers

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