[DWJ] Book recommendations

Janet Eastwood janet.eastwood at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 6 15:58:28 EDT 2015

It was self-published several years ago, and as far as I know the only copies available are through Rachel Hartman herself. I'm confident she does still have copies, because she gave me and a bunch of other people one last year. 
At the Shadow Scale launch in Vancouver a few months ago, I asked her about the preceding comics (Amy Unbounded is the book version of vols 7-12; the others were never made into a book) and she said she still has copies BUT she had packed them up already since she and her family was moving over the summer. She asked me to send her a reminder in September via her blog, http://rachelhartmanbooks.com/blog/. I suspect the same would be true of you - maybe send her an email of interest now, and a reminder in the fall when they've finished unpacking. Her official website is here, if that helps. http://rachelhartmanbooks.com/
Good luck!


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