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Thanks all for the lists.
Sally: Please do recommend your own stuff. I keep wanting to read it, but I
am never sure where to start.

Would you be able to recommend 4-5 of your books that would be a good place
for a reader to start with you?

And yes, I would love to have a copy of the pdf you are offering...Is part
3 something I can buy sometime now or in the future?

Also- Was recently at Continuum convention in Melbourne and you were
recommended highly. Was meaning to send you an email to let you know how
warmly people spoke of your work. Did not sound like they knew you at all,
just fans.

Lastly, Not recently published, but just finished reading "Ultraviolet" by
RJ Anderson.  It reminded me of DWJ because Anderson did a good job of
controlling the flow of information, and twisted things so they were not
entirely as they seemed. The storyline was less complex than DWJ, but done



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> Kate and I have been enjoying 'The Clockwork Dagger' by Beth Cato and its
> sequel the Clockwork Crown.  Steampuinkish with a touch of romance and a
> theme of sacrifice.
> Also worth a look is the Split Worlds trilogy by Emma Newman, starting
> with 'Between Two Thorns'.
> For anyone who hasn't discovered her, there are some really excellent
> books by T. Kingfisher.  That's a pen name of Ursula Vernon, who won a Hugo
> for the graphic novel Digger.  Toad Words, The Seventh Bride, Bryony and
> Roses are all retellings of classic fairy tales with a difference.
> Best,
> Andrew
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