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Yes, same Pamela Dean. 
I'd like to join this year's general chorus of love for The Goblin Emperor. The hero is such a decent man, and the culture feels really realised. My other favourite thing published this year is Pyramids of London by Andrea K Host, sort of pagan clockpunk urban fantasy, with a middle aged woman protagonist, and flying horses made of wind, and leafed cats, and all sorts of good stuff. 

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> Got it thankyou! 
> Is that the same Pamela Dean who did Tam Lin? I will definitely check those out.
> Ehsan.
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> > I'd like to add a few recs also.  But before I do, I'd like to share one of my own books, the one that is most, well, DWJ-y.  I thought some of you might appreciate it and so, for this group, I have made the ebook FREE this Sunday (the 5th) through Thursday (the 9th).  It's called LOGIC'S EMPORIUM OF STOLEN MEMORIES. You can find it here: http://www.amazon.com/Logics-Emporium-Stolen-Memories-Natelson-ebook/dp/B00RN8RXQQ/  If anyone from this group has trouble getting it, or sees this email late, I'd be happy to send you a free e-copy.  
> > Okay, on to other recs:
> > THE SECRET COUNTRY TRILOGY by Pamela Dean.  (The Secret Country, The Hidden Land, the Whim of the Dragon).  A portal fantasy, and probably the best I've ever read.  I found the beginning of the first book a little difficult the first time I read it, since she purposefully uses rather Shakespearean language for part of it, but that gets much easier as you get used to it (and it's not pervasive anyway).
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