[DWJ] JoBoy (minor spoilers)

Philip Belben philip at axeside.co.uk
Sun Jan 4 08:36:02 EST 2015

Over Christmas, I found "The Dragon Book" in a charity shop.  I could 
hardly have passed over a book with that title, even if it hadn't 
contained a new (to me) DWJ story...

The story JoBoy most reminded me of was The Girl who Loved the Sun.  The 
setting is very different, but there is a similar feeling in the way the 
protagonist has to concentrate on each part of his body in turn to 
effect his change of shape - not like a Dorig, nor like Mordion.  (Does 
DWJ have any other shape-changers to add to that list?  Sirius doesn't 
count - when he turns back into a luminary, the dog's corpse is left at 
Kathleen's feet.)

Structurally, I like the way the story is topped and tailed by two-line 
sections - so much said in so few words.  (Like the one-line chapter in 
Sudden Wild Magic.)

But I was surprised not to have encountered this story before.  Is it 
simply too recent to have been anthologised elsewhere?


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