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Thank you! I'll absolutely look it up, I'm very fond of Rupert as well.

torsdag 26 februari 2015 skrev Sally Odgers <sodgers at iinet.net.au>:

> Weather, by Isobelle Winter, is a book that might appeal to DWJ-ers.
> Here's the review I did for it at Goodreads.
> I loved WEATHER. Julian, the protagonist, reminds me somewhat of Rupert
> Venables in Diana Wynne Jones's "Deep Secret" and since that is one of my
> all-time favourite books, "Weather" was bound to appeal! It was the
> characters that I admired most in this one. The story was great, with some
> familiar tropes/situations used with fresh and original twists. The
> situation of a young man who has no idea of his powers is always a winner
> and when he has to puppy-walk two beings of huge power and little worldly
> knowledge... well! What I liked about Julian was how his attention to duty
> balanced his inborn humanity and kindness. His uncommon ability to "make
> family" is heartwarming.
> I realise this review says little about the plot, but I hope it addresses
> the tone. Read "Weather" if you're looking for a true cross-over,
> well-written and thoughtfully constructed. It's equally suited to YA and
> general readers. Oh- and it's funny and touching too - an unbeatable
> combination.
> Sallyo
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