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I think it's partly that it's about identity (Rosie) and has a lot of 
small details that layer to make up a world I can believe in. This 
reminds me especially of Islands of Chaldea... Aunt Beck's shoe heels 
come to mind! Come to that, Aunt in Spindle is a softened version of 
Aunt Beck and both ladies have apprentices who seem less talented than 
they actually are. Kat is somewhat like Sophie in HMC, and the cat 
(whose name I can't spell, as I'm hearing it in audio) is a bit like a 
DWJ cat... very, in fact. The complexity is also DWJ-ish, as is the 
warts-and-all portrayal of characters. The tone is a little different- 
RM tells more rather than showing as DWJ does, but the perfect phrasing 
is familiar. 

Sally Odgers

On Fri, 18 Dec 2015 09:26:14 -0600, Martha Hixon  wrote:

       Sally, et al,

similarities such as--? I haven't read *Spindle's End* in a few years now,
and I liked it, but I can't recall anything particularly DWJ-ish. 

And thank you, Charlotte, for the alert about Peter's passing--I hadn't
seen any notices. So sad for Robin. 


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On Thu, Dec 17, 2015 at 11:45 PM, Sally Odgers

> I'm sure this has come up before, when wasn't paying attention... I
> bought Spindle's End ages ago and never got around to reading it. Then I
> saw an audio version at the library and borrowed that. I'm on disk 4 now
> and it keeps reminding me of DWJ. I don;t know why, as other Robin McKinley
> books haven't... Anyone else note a similarity?
> Sally Odgers
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