[DWJ] Query on DWJ and Milton

Janet Eastwood janet.eastwood at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 30 14:01:27 EDT 2014

>"I am too intimidated by Shelley ever to actually write successfully about> this, but I do have a list of rough notes on the topic that I can send you> if you are further interested in it. It's a bit long, though, as well as> being fairly incoherent, so I wouldn't want to inflict it on the list ;-)"
Please, inflict away, Kyra! One of the wonderful things about DWJ's writing is the infusion of all sorts of literary references into the texts and the play with generic norms and ideas, so that once the references are noticed (I'm much better with fairy tales and ballads than with the Romantics, for example), the liveliness - almost, the living-ness - provides a way in despite the sometimes impenetrable-seeming text of what is actually referenced. I am not fond of Milton (sorry, Jameela) and I've forgotten Shelley, but if your notes link THB with them, well, a new interest will spring.  

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