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Even if there aren't many direct references, I still feel that your
provocative comment remains valid, given the lineage from *Paradise
Lost* through
to *Prometheus Unbound *through to *The Homeward Bounders*. ;-)


On Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 11:29 PM, Jameela Lares <jameela.lares at usm.edu>

> I ran into a question on the Milton list and wondered if anyone here had
> any thoughts.  Briefly, someone in Italy asked why he did not see much
> Milton in Tolkien, with my taking the position that despite the fact that
> both men wrote epics, Milton would hardly have been to Tolkien's creative
> tastes.  As threads do, this one became diffuse. One of the older
> listmembers hadheard Tolkien lecture at Oxford.  Well, actually, he
> couldn't hear, so he stopped going. So I mentioned that DWJ stayed in a
> Tolkien lecture all term.  At which point it struck me that I have never
> particularly noticed Milton in DWJ, either, though I can't see any
> particular reason that she would make use of him. I don't even remember
> hearing if she particular read him or commented on him, but it is a bad
> grading (marking) period for me right now, so there is no telling what I
> usually know.
> So my question is if DWJ said anything about Milton or made any
> recognizable use of him in her works.
> (By the way, I often make the provocative comment to my students at the
> beginning of a Milton course that he summarized everything that came before
> him and influenced everything that came after.  As a provocative statement,
> it has its uses.  I also believe it, most days.  Even Tolkien taught
> Paradise Lost, books 1-2.)
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